Aegaeon – Recruit New Drummer, Promise New Album

Time for an <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=7329&bandname=Aegaeon>Aegaeon</a> update. To give a brief recap, the band has released two EPs and a full length between 2009 and 2012 and the single "<a href="/events/news_comments.php?news_id=20583">Neural Union</a>" in 2013, but has remained fairly silent since. Now <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=7329&bandname=Aegaeon>Aegaeon</a> have taken to <a href="https://www.facebook.com/AegaeonUS">social media</a> to promise that they are absolutely going to finish a new album this year and have also recruited <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=9605&bandname=The+Zenith+Passage>The Zenith Passage</a> drummer Matthew Paulazzo to get the job done. You can check him out performing "Neural Union" in the clip below. <a href="/events/news_comments.php?news_id=31870>Read more…</a>
Source: MetalStorm