Hyrule Castle – Breath of the Wild (Rock/Metal) Guitar Cover

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This song was requested on Patreon by Alvariolu.

Hey everyone! 🙂

Hyrule Castle from Breath of the Wild has been my current favorite Zelda song ever since I first heard it while playing the game and I am very happy to finally have my take on it!

I wanted to cover it at multiple times but always ended up doing something else due to a lack of ideas on how I could possibly arrange this song. The mix of 5/4, 6/4 time signatures and overall slow feel of it made it hard to imagine an arrangement and especially write good drums for it. I went on a small vacation recently and had nothing to do during a 9 hour car ride so… I thought of the arrangement in my head and it was suddenly very clear.

I had about 2 minutes 15 created and thought this would be it but I felt inspired while working on it and the project ended up being nearly 4 minutes! I’m very happy with the final result and I really hope you guys will enjoy it as well!

Thanks for watching, enjoy!

Arranged & performed by: gabocarina96

Composed by: Manaka Kataoka, Yasuaki Iwata

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  • You’re seriously good. And I mean that as a major student in musical composition.

    You should do something asap about the gap between your quality and your view numbers. Learn how to use the social media better, promote yourself more n shit. There are articles and courses on that stuff, it’s not necessarily intuitive. You could make a living of this, you’re way better than a lot of the very popular ones.

  • This is the best cover of the Hyrule Castle Theme I’ve ever heard. Great job!