MENTORS Are Back With New Album, 'The Illuminaughty'

Legendary shock rock band MENTORS has released a new album, titled “The Illuminaughty”.

MENTORS first rose to fame in 1985 when their raucous style of rock came to the attention of Tipper Gore‘s PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) with their song “Golden Shower”. This prompted reading of some of its lyrics on the Congressional floor, inducing uncontrollable laughter by those present.

The band consisting of El Duce (drums, vocals), Dr Heathen Scum (bass, vocals) and Sickie Wifebeater (guitar) released several albums and toured extensively.

In the mid-1990s, El Duce claimed — without any proof — that Courtney Love had offered him $50,000 to kill her husband, Kurt Cobain.

In 1997, El Duce met his untimely death, when he was struck by a train in Riverside, California. El Duce‘s death was officially declared a accident/suicide, although some conspiracy theorists say there is evidence of foul play, related to the alleged Kurt Cobain assassination offer.

MENTORS now features Dr Heathen Scum (bass, vocals), Sickie Wifebeater (guitar, vocals), Cousin “Cuz” Fister (guitar, vocals) and El Chapo (drums).

“The Illuminaughty” is the MENTORS‘ first release in eight years and continues with their brand of adult humor rock.

The album is available now at CD Baby.

Source: Blabbermouth