Metal Music From Across The World Compilation 2!!

Compilation 2 Track List:

1.Apollo Ra: Ra Pariah (00:00)
2.Edwin Dare: Weight of the World (05:43)
3.Lord Bane: Promise of Prophecy (09:57)
4.Mystic Force: Deadly Hunger (15:55)
5.Psychotic Waltz: Another Prophet Song (19:28)
6.Hittman: Breakout (24:55)
7.Letter X: Snowman (30:10)
8.Masquerade: Into the Night (34:23)
9.Heavenward: Cold Embrace (41:48)
10.Leviathan: If These Walls Could Talk (46:18)
11.Elegy: Suppression (53:45)
12.Without Warning: Rain (58:52)
13.Pan Ram: Don’t Give Up (1:03:55)
14.Glenmore: Riding on the Winds of Change (1:08:59)
15.Seventhsign: Red Sea (1:14:02)
16.Lion’s Share: Shadows (1:19:57)
17.Zions Abyss: Changing Sands (1:25:02)
18.Oracle: As Darkness Reigns (1:31:11)
19.Secrecy: Acting With Intellect (1:38:06)
20.Jester’s March: To Wicked Leaders (1:44:04)
21.Imperium: Silenced (1:49:32)
22.Catharsis: Seasons of Madness (1:55:47)
23.Mayadome: Mercenary (2:06:02)
24.Reading Zero: Dimensions (02:13:37)
25.Harrow: Nature’s Cry (2:18:44)
26.Parish: Desert Wings (2:23:58)
27.First Strike: I Will Not Fall (2:29:04)
28.Wicked Maraya: Resurrection (2:35:42)
29.Angel Dust: Hold On (2:40:25)
30.Heir Apparent: The Haunting (2:44:55)
31.Wild Dogs: Reign of Terror (2:50:25)
32.Artch: Metal Life (2:56:10)
33.Sanvoisen: The Law (3:01:16)
34.Z Lot Z: Who’s the Believer (3:05:21)
35.New Religion: One in a Million (3:10:36)
36.Psyco Drama: Jigowatt (3:15:13)
37.Twilight: Far Beyond the Edge of Sanity (3:21:30)
38.Alias: Alpha Omega (3:27:40)
39.Psyco Scream: Stare into My Eyes (3:32:23)
40.Arch Rival: Fortune Hunter (3:36:00)
41.Steel Angel: Valley (3:40:32)
42.Apocalypse: Losing the Future to the Past (3:44:39)
43.Beyond Reason: Life Within (3:51:16)
44.Throes of Sanity: The Upheavel (3:56:31)
45.Enertia: Six Weeks (4:03:28)
46.Ivanhoe: Hollow (4:08:20)
47.Vauxdvihl: Comedy of Errors (4:13:40)
48.Conditioned Response: Your Part (4:18:36)
49.Manta Ray: Face of Reality (4:24:34)
50.Perpetual: Perpetual (4:30:41)
51.Kingsbane: The Edge of Abyss (4:37:38)
52.Superior: Escape From Reality (4:44:28)
53.Lemur Voice: Childhood Façade (4:50:23)
54.Dali’s Dilemma: Miracles of Yesteryear (5:01:08)
55.Siam: Animus (5:08:23)
56.Power of Omens: The Naked Mind (5:15:06)
57.Obsession: Tomorrow Hides No Lies (5:23:23)
58.Jacobs Dream: The Jewel (5:29:41)
59.Advocate: World Without End (5:35:16)
60.Leatherwolf: Cry Out (5:40:28)