Records In My Life conducted an interview with METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo backstage at BC Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada before the band’s show on August 14. Robert discussed some of the music that shaped his career and touched his life, including SUICIDAL TENDENCIES‘ self-titled debut album, which was released in July 1983.

Trujillo said (see video below): “I didn’t play on that album, but I tell you, that was an album that… I mean, before I was in the band, I would wear the hat and t-shirts, and that was even before I knew [SUICIDAL TENDENCIES frontman] Mike Muir. I knew Rocky George, the guitar player, ’cause I went to junior high school with him, so I’ve known him for many years. But that particular album, to me, really represents where I grew up and just the progression of alternative music and multi-racial bands incorporating other styles into hardcore music.”

Trujillo was first invited to join SUICIDAL TENDENCIES for a European tour in 1989 supporting East Coast thrashers ANTHRAX. While with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, Robert appeared on some of the band’s most successful albums: “Lights, Camera, Action” (1990), “The Art Of Rebellion” (1992) and “Still Cyco After All These Years” (1993). During Trujillo‘s years with SUICIDAL, Muir heard some of Robert‘s homemade demos and they collaborated on a funkier, more progressive sound under the name INFECTIOUS GROOVES. They produced a number of albums such as “The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move…” (1991), “Sarsippius’ Ark” (1993) and “Groove Family Cyco” (1994).

Source: Blabbermouth