Nile – New Album Update

U.S. tech death metal masters <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=130&bandname=Nile>Nile</a> have been working on their new album and the plan is to release the follow-up to <i>What Should Not Be Unearthed</i> by the end of the year. After the departure of longtime member Dallas Toler-Wade, guitarist/vocalist Brian Kingsland joined. In a recent interview, mastermind Karl Sanders revealed that they are working with Erik Rutan for the upcoming <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=130&bandname=Nile>Nile</a> album and plan to bring back the triple vocal attack. <a href="/events/news_comments.php?news_id=31880>Read more…</a>
Source: MetalStorm