Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do (METAL COVER) – Punk Goes Pop

This is my metal version of Taylor Swift’s new song “Look What You Made Me Do” It turned out GREAT as a rock/metal song!

I took mixing/production/melodic techniques from my own original songs to make this cover. I have an album that I am working on & am halfway finished. I hope to release my original songs but currently I have no support.

With zero subscribers I am not sure if anyone will find this video (but if you do) I hope you enjoy my version and subscribe!

This cover and its contents were completely performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by me. Original song/lyrics credit goes to Taylor Swift.

-ESP LTD MH-1000
-Peavey 6505+
-Mesa 4×12 cab
-SM57 Microphone

Vocals were recorded with an SM7B into Pro Tools 12.