The top hypnotic black metal tracks in my opinion.
Although it is not an actual sub-genre, various black metal bands take this approach where the atmosphere or the music induces the listener into a trance.

This specific style was pioneered by Burzum with the album Hvis Lyset Tar Oss. This list although is in no specific order and doesn’t include any track by Burzum.

What do you guys think are some bands or albums or even tracks that you would regard as hypnotic black metal or maybe are your favorites from this style? Would love to have some new music!

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Tracks included;

Farsot – Empyrean
Krallice – Forgiveness in Rot
Walknut – Motherland Ostenvegr
Velvet Cacoon – Avalon Polo
Blut Aus Nord – From Hlidskjalf
Paysage d’Hiver – Welt aus Eis
Darkspace – 3.13
Wolves in the Throne Room – Ahrimanic Trance
Triste – Hin
Lurker of Chalice – Spectre as Valkyrie Is
Drudkh – Glare of Autumn
Necktarium – The Dreamless Sun
Njiqahdda – Sombre Fortu.

Here are some kickass recommendations I got by the amazing folk over at r/black metal:

Aluk Tudolo – Occult Rock I
Mizmor – I. Woe Regains My Substance
Progenie Terrestre Pura – Progenie Terrestre Pura
Ragana – You Take Nothing
Lustre – Moonlit Meadow