UMO: Ep. 07 – Screamo & Groove Metal Aren’t Real Music Genres

This is the seventh official Unpopular Metal Opinions video. This one tackling the blanket terms “Screamo” & “Groove Metal”. Herein which I give my thoughts on why I feel they aren’t real music genres. Banger TV episode and my usual links are provided below.

Banger TV: Groove Metal Debate – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR7PYTgiRKE

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  • Viking Metal Isn’t a Genre either, I’d like to choke the Motherfucker that created such a Term. Viking Is a Thematic Element, not a Genre. Bathory has Folk Metal Elements, & Viking Elements, technically speaking, Bathory Is Black Metal.
    Amon Amarth has also been called, “Viking Metal”, try Melodic Death Metal.

  • I agree Jesse, even though I can admit, I had a Black Veil Brides, Bullet For My Valentine & Asking Alexandria Phase In my younger days. But My God, when people kept calling It Screamo I somewhat drifted away from such Music. Don’t get me started on, “Groove Metal”, Pantera of all Bands, have been labelled as, Groove Metal. Me personally I enjoy, Pantera.

  • well i hope this opinion doesn’t stop people from listening to my blackened death metal project with quite a bit groove but none the less great video. man m/

  • I do agree that groove metal and screamo are stupid terms and alot of people who listen to these bands and label them dont do proper research or just believe what label these bands are given. thinking back to the 90’s with bands like sepultura pantera and fear factory i dont remember anyone calling it groove metal back then. That term started like 6 years ago for some reason.